Chris Constantine, B.S, Fitness Logic Certified

As a native of Hingham, a small town on the South Shore of Massachusetts, my passion for fitness started early on in life. From the moment I played my first organized sport I became a competitor eager to become a better athlete. I started working with a personal trainer in middle school to help with my speed and mobility. My training continued and translated to success in high school including finishing my senior year in football as the number one all-time leading scorer at Hingham High and being named to the Massachusetts All State team. I also wrestled, finishing with 115 wins and multiple state championship appearances and played high school baseball. However, my real passion was playing football which steered me into Milford Football Academy where I trained alongside many future NFL players. After Milford I went onto play football at UMass Amherst and pursue a business degree. By this time, I had experienced many different trainers and training regimens and felt that training was something I wanted to do going forward.  I decided to switch my major and transferred to Bridgewater State University. I continued playing football at BSU as a running back/wide receiver and was named offensive MVP in my first season with the team. After a career ending injury, I was asked to be a strength and conditioning and wide receiver coach for BSU as I finished up my degree.


Sports always pushed me academically. With a love for science and math I chose to get my BS degree in Exercise Science and minor in both Human Resource Management and Business Management. After graduation I got a job as CrossFit coach and trained young athletes to meet their sport specific goals. Although I loved the competitive environment the CrossFit offered after a year I wanted to try something new. This had me looking for an area of the country where I could pursue my outdoor passions of hiking, backing and snowboarding. After much thought in 2015 my girlfriend, Becky, my black lab, Jack, and I moved to Denver.


Going forward I knew I really wanted to change to one on one training with clients. I felt this was the best opportunity for me to connect on a personal level with people and create a program that would be directed to their individual needs. I knew I could really make a difference in someone’s overall health by introducing them to weight training and finding Fitness Logic gave me the opportunity to do just that.  I truly believe in what I do and love to see how individual lives are changed by adding exercise into their weekly routine.